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Orion Cruising

Tuesday 12 May 2009 | By Ros Bulat |

The ultimate of cruising in style

This custom built 5-star luxury vessel is in a class of its own. Build to handle just about any conditions. World Class sophisticated dining and Beverages included is only the start of this experience.

During the summer months its ice-strengthened hull allows the most spectacular expeditions to the Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic Island. During the winter months enjoy the unspoilt wilderness of the Kimberley’s. During the seasons outside this the various Itineraries range from the Exotic East to the unspoiled remote areas of PNG. Some of the most amazing and rarely seen places on our doorstep.

When our client Ron returned from a recent experience he said it was a fantastic experience,

“Highly recommended for those that want activities, great food and great service!”

Passengers as far as from England say……

"The passenger areas are fitted out more for expeditions to Bond Street than the outback."

Peter Hughes / Daily Telegraph (UK) 15th March, 2008: (Kimberley)

"Orion does expeditions the way Ralph Lauren might do dungarees." 

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