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Prague, A Unique Destination For All

Wednesday 26 August 2009 | By Ros Bulat |

Prague is a living fairy tale

Cobbled streets, amongst its ornate buildings and shop windows aglow with glistening crystals.

It's amazing what just a couple of decades of freedom can do. Prague has always been beautiful and historic. Now it's fun, too. No other place in Europe has become so popular, so quickly. And for good reason: Prague has something on offer for everyone!

For the Family

Prague ZOO is said to be one of the best in Europe and could easily keep your kids busy for one entire day. One of the most appreciated pavilions is the Indonesian Jungle and the Monkey Island where you can gaze on the jungle flora and fauna and practically play with the cute Lemurs. Another place that your kids will love is the Children’s ZOO, a specially built farm where the kids can enter some enclosures and play with many of the animals.

While in Australia we do have an amazing, natural water wonderland, at Prague’s Seaworld they have done a wonderful job in combining nature with man’s amazing technological feets. The 1,000 square meters and 75 tonnes of specially adjusted ocean water, in which live a huge number of coloured sea and ocean fish and corals, will wow any water lover.

Situated in the Old Count’s Chambers of Prague Castle, the Prague Toy Museum is said to be the second largest museum of its kind in the world. In the seven exhibition rooms are toys collected from all over the world, starting from the ancient Greek times through to the modern phenomenon that is “Barbie!”

Spekbl and his son Hurvinek are two Czech legendary marionettes that have been amusing children in over 30 countries since the 1920s. Performances are available at the Marionette Theatre for children to enjoy.

For the Shakers and Movers

Prague's is filled with a lively music scene and back street surprises, such as the Lennon Wall on Kampa Island, splashed with "all you need is love" and "imagine" graffiti, honour the beloved singer-songwriter. This is matched with an abundant restaurant choice, including the only Michelin Star Restaurant in Eastern Europe, Allegro.

For the Rest of Us

Prague was the only Central European capital to escape the bombs of the last century's wars — it is one of Europe's best-preserved cities. It's filled with sumptuous Art Nouveau facades, offers tons of Mozart and Vivaldi performances and very reasonable prices and brews the best beer in Europe.

Prague Castle is certainly a special attraction. Set like a small town within its own city walls, it is the largest ancient castle in the world (570m long and on average 128m wide). Prague Castle has been the ruling seat of many Czech Kings, Holy Roman Emperors and of more recent times, Presidents of the Czech Republic. No wonder it is the most visited site in Prague.

Wenceslas Square, named for the "good king" of Christmas-carol fame, is the lively heart of modern Prague. St. Wenceslas, who was the wise and benevolent 10th-century duke of Bohemia, presides over the square on horseback. The square (actually more of a broad boulevard) is a stage for modern Czech history: The Czechoslovak state was proclaimed here in 1918. In 1968, the Soviets put down huge popular demonstrations here (you can still see patches covering bullet holes on the columns of the National Museum). And 20 years later, in November 1989, hundreds of thousands of ecstatic Czechs gathered here to celebrate the imminent freedom of the Republic of Czechoslovakia. Not far from the square is the Museum of Communism, ironically nestled between a McDonald's and casino. The museum is a hodgepodge of artifacts from the Czech Republic's 40-year stint with Soviet economics.

Prague's focal point is the Old Town Square, a market square since the 11th century. Today the old-time market stalls have been replaced by cafés, touristy horse buggies and souvenir hawkers, but the square is still beautiful. Facing the square is the towering 14th-century Tyn Church, with its fanciful spires flanking a solid gold effigy of the Virgin Mary. The pointed 250-foot spire rising from the square marks the 14th-century Old Town Hall, famous for its astronomical clock.

Karlova Street, winds through medieval old Prague to the much-loved Charles Bridge. The glorious, statue-bedecked bridge, commissioned by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV in 1357, is lined with market stalls and street musicians, offering a pleasant and entertaining stroll.

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Maldives - A Natural Marvel

Tuesday 11 August 2009 | By Ros Bulat |


Located less than 5 hours flight from Singapore this unique and unspoiled archipelago is heaven sent. The Maldives comprises of 1190 low lying coral islands in groups of 26 naturally formed atolls scattered across the equator. Sun, Sand, Surf, and Spa’s, what more can your ask for when looking for that perfect getaway.

Most of the Islands have almost unpronounceable names…. Huvafen Fushi being just one of them. But the experience is unforgettable. Their personal aim is to deliver an experience beyond your wildest dreams.

With only 43 bungalows and Pavilions you don’t have to share your space with many others guests. Although having your own private plunge pools also helps, let alone the opportunity to have a private dinning experience on the rock pools.

What a way to spend that special Wedding Anniversary, like our clients Jeremy and Dell.

“We kept thinking, how this can get any better”… Jeremy and Dell

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A Golfing Holiday, But, One for the Whole Family

Tuesday 4 August 2009 | By Ros Bulat |

One of you is golf mad and the other… not so much.

In fact, one of you, not mentioning which one, couldn’t tell the difference between a 9-iron and a waffle iron. Sound familiar?

Makes planning nearly every holiday a potential battleground.
Why not pick a destination that can cater for all the family?

Almost every resort these days offers access to golf: if not right on-property, then through some convenient arrangement with a nearby course. Some resorts make extra effort to get families golfing together. Within Australia, we have an abundance of amazing Golf Courses, many with extensive resort facilities for the whole family and many just a short distance from home.

Novotel Twin Waters

Built around a private lagoon, Novotel Twin Waters is a tranquil retreat on the Sunshine Coast with activities to suit every member of the family. While the kids are being cared for and entertained at the kids' club, parents can be pampered at the over-water day spa or play a round of golf at the nearby links. 

Dunk Island

Dunk Island, a jewel off the north Queensland coast, is arguably Australia's most beautiful tropical island. Rainforest tumbles onto a white sand beach, while blue butterflies flit in dappled light; meanwhile, the whole family is having a ball, playing golf, riding horses along the beach, or relaxing in the spa. The kids' club provides activities all day long.

Planning on travelling abroad?

In the past some may have considered Hawaii a great place to stop on the way to your destination. Not now! Between the sightseeing, the beach and the shopping, make sure you tee off early to fit it all in. Hawaii is a destination for the whole family. In particular the outer Island of Maui and Kauai, as they are more relaxed than the main Island.

Las Vegas… luckily is open 24 hours! You can now take Las Vegas as a serious destination in its own right. Take in a show, shop till you drop and the people watching is always an eye opener as is the Natural Wonder of the Grand Canyon. Many famous movie stars travel to Las Vegas for a golf holiday to escape from their celebrity status for a few days. For example, Hollywood legends like George Clooney and Matt Damon are both golf players who have been spotted blissfully swinging their golf clubs on Las Vegas golf courses with virtual anonymity to the general public.

And let’s not forget Bali, Thailand, Fiji, New Zealand, Dubai, Ireland and so on. All are fabulous destinations with great activities for both the golfer and non-golfer. For the budding junior golfer, there are many destinations and programmes that cater for them also. 

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