5 Places to visit in 2015

Tuesday 9 December 2014 | By Lachlan Nicolson |

 2015 is the year of adventure for those Australian’s who are infected with the travel bug. Here are my top five destinations to consider travelling to, enjoy!


 1. St Lucia

 This sovereign island in the eastern Caribbean Sea is hidden away with limited access by cruise-ship traffic only. Beauty meets comfort on the crystal beaches crafted around the photogenic Pitons. Saint Lucia is a divers and climbers dream offering beautiful coral reef walls and the steep thrill-seeking Pitons to climb. This stunning destination is perfect for those wanting a luxurious escape, with a heart of adventure on the side.


2. Singapore

Known as the ‘Utopia’ of cities, Singapore is broadening and boasting a new wave of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western culture, starting with the food! Immerse yourself in a range of asian delights all rich with flavour and light on your wallet. Singapore is also thriving as a shopping, contemporary and arts hub. So dust off the stereotypical city surface view of the city and come an experience the exotic culture on the menu. 


3. Myanmar

Described as “off-limits Asia”, this incredible extraordinary land is scattered with historic villages and sacred Stupas blended in with the overgrown natural wonders of the landscape. Myanmar is still opening up to the western world and so travellers are getting in quickly to see unique, unseen fashion and ethnic culture. This untouched land is said to still surprise and delight even the most jaded of travellers. 
4. Philippines
Seven thousand Islands make up this beautiful nation of people and wanderlust beaches that never end. One of my personal favourites, Philippines is physically and culturally set apart from mainland southeast Asia. The Filipino locals are warm, friendly and share a great similar culture of classic Aussie humour. Beyond the people, the beaches and island surroundings are spectacular. Philippines has so much activity around food and outdoor adventure. If you’re wanting to relax however Philippines offers thousands of secluded tropical beaches, waiting for you to occupy and enjoy. 
5. Bosnia and Herzegovina
This historic destination still lives on past the evident scars of the 1990’s civil war. Sarajevo and Mostar cities are scattered with historical buildings reconstructed from the war, and in the outer districts you will find lovely small villages surrounded by breathtaking rural landscapes and mountain ridges. Medieval castles, famous bridges and cascading river canyons are just some of the highlights that still remain embedded in this warm and unassuming land. 
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