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Three Life-Changing Things to Gain from Travelling Solo

Tuesday 18 October 2011
By Maria Boskovski |

From 'time out' in primary school, to final exam study, to long walks on the beach - isolating yourself has always been a good way to take the handle on your emotions and give yourself the opportunity for growth and progress. It's no surprise that a journey alone can lead to life-changing gains.

  1. Responsibility

    The price of greatness is responsibility. Embarking on your journey, you will find yourself standing alone in a country that was so recently foreign to you. The challenge to take care of yourself and your possessions will force you to regain trust in others and build your own confidence.

    Much alike to your health, safety and possessions - Your experiences demand responsibility from you also. Taking the opportunity to create your own path is an important responsibility; it is your guide to self-reliance, independence and possibility.

    Weeks, months or even years later, when your journey has come to an end, you can look back and realise that every high point, discovery and memory was the work of your own actions.
  2. Future Dreams

    Time spent alone, particularly far away from the pressures of everyday life, provides an opportunity to reflect and plan ahead, which will help you determine what you want from life.

    With a clear and refreshed mind you can tackle the big questions and prepare to head home ready for action. Scribble, draw, write or record your thoughts and inspirations as you progress along your travels. Think of it as a tool for an enhanced outlook on your future or as reference points for great memories.
  3. Learning to Love

    When travelling alone you’re forced to adapt. Blending into places, situations and established groups becomes a priority, and inevitably presents opportunities for friendships and connections to develop. When you’re so far from your comfort zone, you develop a whole new level of appreciation for people, whereby gestures of kindness from strangers are felt with the deepest of gratitudes. The ability to view others in a new and positive light is a great way to recognise the value of a new friend.

    Travelling alone provides a platform for the acceptance of others, regardless of cultural differences. Discover passions for other places, cultures and people and in-turn discover your own character.

10,000 Free Round-Trip Tickets to Japan

Friday 14 October 2011
By Maria Boskovski |

Here’s your chance to see Japan, with an opportunity like no other!

The country’s reputation has been tarnished by fears of earthquakes and radiation. In a desperate attempt to lure tourists back into the country, Japan Tourism Agency is giving away 10,000 free round trip tickets!

What’s the catch? All you need to do is be willing to publicise your trip through the use of blogs and social media sites.

In March this year, a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami triggered a nuclear disaster, having a huge impact on the number of foreign visitors to Japan. In the first three months that followed the disaster, tourism dropped as drastically as 50% compared with the same time in 2010.

Japan Tourism Agency has requested more than 10 billion yen to pay for the tourism campaign and plans to open a website to solicit applicants interested in free tickets. Applicants will have the opportunity to sign up as early as next April. All they have to do is submit a written application detailing their travel plans in Japan and what they hope to get out of the trip.

The successful candidates will have to pay for their own accommodation and meals. They would also be required to post a review of their travel experiences online. Influential bloggers who are likely to spread the word that Japan is a safe place to visit are likely to have an advantage in the competition.

So for social media gurus and lifestyle bloggers, this is a wonderful opportunity. A free round-trip to Japan is a great reward for an online hobby, and sharing your experience is a decent price to pay!

Bali, Indonesia

Thursday 13 January 2011
By Rebecca Scaffidi |

Accommodation:Dynasty Resort, South Kuta
The Dynasty Resort has recently been renovated and had 312 newly refurbished guest rooms. This is a great family resort with plenty of activities for kids. The resort has 3 swimming pools, a spa and gym. There is also ‘The Den’ teen’s club and Kid’s playground. If you need some time away from the kids there is a child care centre and an adult area equipped with a Lazy pool and Sunset bar.

If you have a family and are looking to keep the kids entertained, this is the place for you.

Dine at:Ku De Ta
This is a beautiful bar/restaurant that is located right on the beach. You can go here for Dinner or Just cocktails and Nibbles. Either way, the time to get there is about 6pm as you will be in a prime location to witness a gorgeous sunset.

This is a fabulous Italian restaurant in Seminyak that has incredible food at very reasonable prices. You must book here as it gets very busy.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co 
If you’re after something fun you must stop past Bubba Gump’s. They specialise in Prawns, but they also know how to cook up a mean steak. The staff are very friendly and if you order a margarita you’ll get a special surprise.

Best Buy:The Discovery Shopping Mall in Kuta has everything from Brand shopping to hand-made goods. This is a must see if you love to shop. My best buy was a pair of coral coloured Guess sandals.

Highlight:I had 2 highlights on this trip. The first would be spending the day at Waterbom Park.  This is a great day out for the whole family… You have adrenalin pumping waterslides for all ages, lazy pool for those who want to relax and a kid’s water playground area for the little ones. Waterbom Park will keep everyone entertained.

The second highlight would have to be going ATV riding. This was so much fun! You get on a 4-Wheeler motor bike and follow your instructors around the muddy and uneven terrain. Expect to get covered in mud.
You can organize this and many other outdoor activities through Bali Adventure Tours.