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Top 4 African Safari's

Tuesday 29 April 2014 | By Tahnee Wherritt |

Looking for something exciting, something unforgettable? Look no further than an all inclusive African Safari. Leave all the worries behind and immerse yourself in nature at its finest. Whether it be by train, car, small group or private safari; let the local tour guides take you up close and personal with animals larger then life. 

We have hand picked the Top 4 Best Safaris, offering you a variety of options for a holiday that suits you and your individual requirements. 

Four African Country Safari -
Fully Accommodated - 23 days from $6225*

• Small Group Departure • Breakfast included daily • Locally Guided • 3 Star Accommodation • Airfares and taxes included • Wildlife, Culture & History

A unique safari visiting four breathtaking countries; South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Enjoy the added comfort of 3 star accommodation, a fully equipped safari vehicle and services of a professional tour leader. All accommodation featured on this safari offers private en-suite facilities.

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African Train Safari -
Johannesburg to Victoria Falls (or vice versa)- 18 days from $7275*

• Unique train journey • Includes breakfast & dinner daily • Inclusive & optional touring daily • Airfares and taxes included

This 18 day journey enables participants to visit six countries in style. The route is carefully crafted to deliver stunning once in a life time experiences on a daily basis. The train travels leisurely between Johannesburg and Victoria Falls, allowing numerous calls at destinations in South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana. As the tracks unfurl you will gain rare insight into the cultural and geographical cocktail that makes Southern Africa so vibrant and exciting. 

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Affordable South Africa
Singles Only Departures - On locally escorted tours of South Africa- No Single Supplement

Adventure Destinations are pleased to announce “Singles Only” departures on some of our best-selling South African guided tours, allowing single passengers to enjoy the company of other solo travelers but still experience the privacy of a single room, without having to pay any single supplements.

All the tours have been carefully planned to experience the absolute best of the chosen destinations. Southern Africa has a well-earned reputation as one of the world’s favourite travel destinations so join a group of likeminded individuals as you journey through Southern Africa, enjoying luxury transport, exquisite accommodation and fine dining. 

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Southern Africa - Small Group
Accommodated & Fully Serviced Camping Safaris

Travel on a small group accommodated or fully serviced camping safari that offers an authentic experience for the “young at heart” traveller.

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New Years Resolutions

Wednesday 1 January 2014 | By Tahnee Wherritt |

New years resolutions; you either do them or you don’t. If you do, do you stick to them? 

These days more and more resolutions are coming up in regards to; ridiculous health regimes, diets, or things that are just no fun! So, here are a few resolutions that are not only easy to stick with, but are worth doing to help make 2014 the best year yet (and they don’t require you to stop socialising, stop eating carbs or suggest you live in a gym). 

1. Every week, set aside some PT. Nope, this is not Personal Training; this is Private Time. It is amazing how busy life can get, before you know it; a whole week is gone and when did you sit down and take ten, by yourself? Take ten minutes (at least) a week, to sit down, reflect, relax, unwind, and enjoy a bit of silence. Your mind will thank-you! 

2. Stop over-thinking. Easier said then done for some. But, I read a saying the other day that could help... “You don’t always needs a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens’- anonymous. 

3. Learn a new skill. You may have one area of interest that you know like the back of your hand, you could do it in your sleep. If this is you; its time for you to expand your horizons. Learn a new skill in a different area, genre, and push yourself. The feeling of accomplishment afterwards can not be compared, plus; you can use your new skill!! 

4. Do a good deed everyday. It doesn’t have to be anything major. See that old woman struggling with all her groceries; why not help her? Did someone just drop something on the floor; yell out and them know! 

5. Don’t use your phone in social situations. Now this one has to be pushed! Gone are the days of sitting around a table, chatting with friends and no one ever answering a phone call or text message. Enjoy the company you are in, enjoy the time with friends, life gets to buys to only be half there with people that matter. 

6. Enjoy the mornings. Start your day well and the rest of the day will follow. If you can get up, go for a swim, go for a walk, or sit outside and drink your coffee and enjoy it, it is almost as if you have a whole day before starting your day at work. You will feel refreshed, revitalized, and be more productive with you day. 

7. Take a trip. It is not in everyones budget to be splurging on over-seas trip every year, and it doesn’t have to be. Go camping, have a weekend away, score a cheap flight interstate. It can be a long year if you don’t have something to look forward too, or have any adventure. 

8. Foster an animal. The Animal Welfare League has shelters all over Australia and unfortunately too many of them are full most of the year. Understandably a lot of people can not adopt, so why not foster? Animals that need just that little bit more attention, need fostering. It’s two weeks of your life, and there just isn’t anything like walking in the door to a big happy head with it’s tongue sticking out. Who knows; maybe you will end up with a new family member. 

9. Get offline. Too many off us spend our days in offices on computers working, and in turn are online all day. This is understandable for the working days but on the weekends, get offline. You don’t need to be posting up photos on Instagram, checking yourself in on Facebook, or tweeting what’s happening around you. Enjoy what is around you! 

10. Spend time with family. Everyone knows this should be done, but sometimes life gets in the way. Life should never get in the way of family. Coffee dates with your Mum on your lunch break, a quick bite to eat with you Dad on the weekend, pop round for a beer with your Brother on Sunday afternoon... What ever it is, make time for your Family! 

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Have you made plans yet?

Monday 25 November 2013 | By Tahnee Wherritt |

Before I even have time to blink, we are met with glistens of gold, green, red and silver at the shop fronts. The timber crooked signs pointing to “Santa’s North pole” and, the infamous Christmas carols on repeat. Yep, we are all aware it is Christmas in 29 sleeps, 5hrs, and 39 minutes. If you have Children, its more likely you became aware of this at 179 sleeps, 5hrs, and 39 minutes. Regardless, many of us are in the same boat... “What are we doing for our christmas break?”. If your like me, you still have no idea. This means flights can be expensive (when you finally decide where to go), flights could potentially be booked out. Hotels prices are jumping, hotels could potentially be booked out. So, what next? 


Not only does Australia serve as a host to some of the most stunning natural surroundings in the world, we also have the swim-friendly, beach-friendly, outdoors-time-friendly temperature come Christmas time. So, what better excuse to pack up the car, pack up the trailor, drive north, south, east or west, along the coast, hinterland, wherever your heart desires, and find the perfect beach spot, water hole, rock pools or puddle and set up camp beside it? 

Go camping with the family, the extended family, friends, couples, who ever! Yes, some camp grounds are going to be overcrowded and over priced, this just gives you more of an incentive to explore further and deeper into the beautiful Australian wilderness. Australia offers many free campsites, nature reserves, campsites on the beach, in the forest, with fires, with no toilets, with toilets, the options are endless and they are waiting to be filled with the festivities and excitement that the Christmas holidays brings! 

Get outdoors and enjoy! A very Merry Christmas from EVERYONE at World Travel Professionals!! 
Dont forget to tag us in any or all of your adventures over the Christmas break! #worldtravelprofessionals 

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Bucket List Makers... Swimming with whale sharks

Wednesday 2 October 2013 | By Tahnee Wherritt |

Whether you have started writing your very own bucket list, generating one as you go, or thinking about building one, here is another experience we believe should make the cut; Swimming with Whale sharks in Borneo. 

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the world. They are slow moving animals and do not fear; they are filter feeding fish and pose no significant danger to humans. They like to swim around the tropical and warm waters. So, whilst enjoying the beauty of the open sea, why not swim next to a fish that can grow to over 12 meters, which is longer then your average bus? 

As we understand this may terrify some readers, we have come up with some other examples of things to do in Borneo. If swimming next to a fish that has a mouth span of around 1.5 meters doesn’t float your boat, how about hanging around with some Orangutans? Borneo also offers great trekking trails, bird watching at its finest and the chance to explore caves. 

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The Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World.

Monday 12 August 2013 | By Tahnee Wherritt |

A small city with big beauty. Bruges imitates what life would be like in the late middle ages. With medieval architecture and every little hidden gem is a snap shot of a fairytale. This Photogenic little city even puts the postcards to shame.

Known as the birth place of ‘renaissance’ and the ‘Tuscan capital’, this seductive and romantic city is home to some of the greatest artistic treasures in the world. The colourful buildings and sunsets in the afternoon will have you wanting to take permit residence in this gorgeous city.

The heart of France has a long list of beauty. The art, the culture, the food and the museums. Known as the city of light, your heart will skip a beat when you see the Eiffel tower in all its glory. You will not just visit Paris, you will in fact fall in love with this cobbled street beauty.

The capital of Portugal is full of contemporary culture. The locals make you feel at home with their easy-going charm. As an all year round destination, Lisbon makes every season more beautiful then the last.

‘The city of water’, ‘The city of bridges’, ‘The floating city’, ‘The city of canals’. There is a never ending list of names for Venice, but one that sums it up perfectly for us.. ‘Undoubtably, the most beautiful city built by man’.

When Mirrored off the Vltava river, you get a sense of just how beautiful and magical this city is. The vibrant city full of culture, music art and countless churches, this enchanted city is one not to be missed.

Rio De Janeiro
Rio De Janerio offers something for everyone. From the breathtaking landscapes, to the laid back beaches. You can relax on the white sands beach or take full advantage of the nightlife, the dancing in the street and the numerous festivals all year round.

Known as the Venice of the north, this quaint little city is full of beautiful canals, parks and relaxing charm. Amsterdam has a history of non-conformism and known for its progression. Amsterdam is the perfect place for those who just want to enjoy life without the hustle and bustle.

Rome is where you see history at it finest. With the Colosseum, The Vatican, The Pantheon, Sistine Chapel, and for all of those romantics; why not make a wish in the stunning Trevi Fountain. At every turn you can stumble across magnificent piece of history, and great food.

A gorgeous city with a youthful atmosphere. Budapest has a pulsating nightlife. Spending the day walking along the river, and heading to the spas, you can really take in the city’s beauty.

A Real life fairytale...

Wednesday 3 July 2013 | By Tahnee Wherritt |

There is one thing that most Fairytales have in common, that is the presence of a Castle. Ever wondered how all the Princesses and Princes felt in their luxury castles? Well wonder no more. We have shortlisted our favourite castles from around the world. Your next holiday could involve dungeons, real life forts, stories of knights and kings. It’s the holiday for all the big kids; the kids at heart. But just be warned, you may have to sell that glass slipper to visit all of these mythical properties.

Neuschwanstein CastleA 19th-Century Romanesque Revival Castle located in Bavaria, Germany. The Neuschwanstein Castle is the ultimate fairytale castle. The surroundings itself are unbelievably beautiful. Used as an inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty Castles in Disneyland parks, you know it has to be spectacular. The tall towers, and the countless windows, you can imagine Rapunzel throwing down her long hair. Although it may not be possible staying the night, a tour of this remarkable property will be the starting point into creating your very own fairytale castle (even if it is just for the kids in the backyard).

Visit the Neuschwanstein Castle >> 

Château de ChillonSituated on Lake Geneva in Switzerland, with the picturesque alps in the background, its the perfect setting for a fairytale. Built in the 12th-Century and expanded in the 13th, this medieval fortress is filled with history and legends. On a sunny winters day, the sparkles shinning off the lake, the snow on the alps, it no wonder this is where Lord Byron wished to resign.

Visit Château de Chillon >> 

Château du Haut-KoenigsbourgRestored by a specialist in medieval fortification, The Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg still today is an accurate model of the prestigious castle; down to the mill, the spiral staircases and the drawbridges. The castles original grandeur has been recreated and is a major piece of European history. The castle has been listed as a Monument of History since 1863. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Alsace in France. Sitting in the midst of the Vosges Mountains, if there happens to be a queue, you’ll be happy with the view.

Visit Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg >> 

Conwy CastleDescribed as the "best preserved suite of medieval private royal chambers in England and Wales", this 13th Century Military architecture is on of the finest Castles in Europe. Although there are many Castles in Europe, not all have played an important role in several wars like the Conwy Castle. The Conway Castle has been well preserved and stands a very proud medieval fortification till this day.

Visit Conwy Castle >> 

Bran CastleCommonly known as “Dracula’s Castle”, this beautiful Castle is well off the beaten path. Situated between Transylvania and Wallachia in the lush green mountains, Bran Castle looks like a fairytale in every way. With secret passage ways inside the building and Queen Marie’s furniture that dates back to the 1920’s through out the castle, you will feel like you have taken a step back in time. Sit in the sun in the gorgeous courtyard, and don’t forget to get a priceless picture from the upstairs balcony. The views are worthy of those of Royalty. 

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Smile and Check out The Happiest Cities in the World

Wednesday 20 February 2013 | By Tahnee Wherritt |

Rio De Janeiro
With an abundance of outdoor performances, cultural attractions and festivals, the people from the city of the renowned ‘Carnival’, sure know how to be happy. With years worth of culture and a buzzing atmosphere, the city makes everyday living feel like an exciting and adventurous holiday. Locals live in bold colour, they get dressed up and they dance through the streets - It’s a beautiful city brimming with breathtaking colours.

Australia is known for their down-to-earth, fun-loving folk, so it’s no surprise that Australia has made the list, two times over. The relaxed vibe, stunning beaches and an array of eateries are just a few of the reasons why the people of Sydney are in spot number two, and are some of the happiest people in the world.

Having fine architecture on your doorstop from the famous figurehead, Antoni Gaudi would be enough to keep a lot of people very pleased. Now add a rich history, great shopping, beaches, as well as endless tapas and sangria, and you have yourself an amazing place to live. With its amazing weather and position as one of Europe's fastest improving Cities, it’s no wonder the people of Barcelona can’t wipe the smiles of their faces.

Imagine riding around a quaint little city on a stylish vintage bike; taking in the pristine parks, and breath-taking canals; stopping for some melt-in-your-mouth poffertjes and exploring the amazing city which comes alive every evening. This charming place is always entertaining and keeps the locals of Amsterdam an always happy, bunch of people.

Known as Australia’s fashion capital, Melbourne provides a relaxed atmosphere, mixed with strong hints of culture and class. Often referred to as the ‘Garden City’ and home to over 4.1million Melbournians, the city combines a city landscape, with bay-like beaches, diverse cuisine and an abundance of cultural activities. Ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities, it’s no wonder Melbourne also made its mark on our happiness scale.

The Capital and largest city in Spain is host to many influencers in the European Union, with their taste in fashion, food and fun, second to none. In addition, Madrid offers plenty of museums and culture, mixed with its party lifestyle and flamenco twist. Top off your experience with a visit to their beautifully, well-kept parks... The perfect place to nap under a tree with some Ensalasilla Rusa and do as the locals do, unwind.

San Francisco
From the cable cars, to Fishermans Wharf, everyday in San francisco is like being on the set of a movie; the nightlife, the dining, and the iconic golden gate bridge. People travel far and wide to cross The Big Red Sir Bridge, and the lucky people of San Francisco can take a stroll across it whenever they wish. The very pleased people of San Francisco are so pleased with their town in fact, that they’ve made our top 10 too! 

A saying I believe all the people of Rome live by “Eat well, Travel often”. With its beautiful surroundings, amazing history, their selection of fine wines, and an array of boutique restaurants bordering every laneway - It’s no wonder the Romans lead the good life.

The city of love offers more then just a sparkling Eiffel Tower to keep the locals happy. The cheeses, breads and pastries; the beautiful clothes and chic locals, as well as the pebbled pathways and stunning museums... What’s not to be happy about? Did you know however that Parisians also average 10 weeks of holiday time, each and every year? It’s no wonder they’re happier than ever.

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is an energetic city, filled with energetic people. The city offers a little bit of everything, there’s an abundance of sunshine, it provides highly affordable living and they ensure Sunday’s are set aside for relaxation. They shut down shop, spend time with their family and friends, or simply take it easy.   

Top 10 Cities with the Best Beaches...

Monday 4 February 2013 | By Tahnee Wherritt |

Rio Je Janeiro- Brazil
Where age and body shape means nothing, but wearing a one piece will be frowned upon. Rio Je Janeiro is the place to get into that Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
and show off some skin. Indulge in some cheeky cocktails and play a quick game of paddleball.

Miami- USA
Anyone who is a ‘anyone’ is seen at Miami Beach. Your almost assured to see someone famous. Though the Miami Strip comes alive at night, the beach in itself is an event. It’s where the bold and beautiful come to freshen up their tan, or just to flaunt what they’ve got.

Valencia- Spain
Bordered by Tapas bars and endless sangria, a day down on Valencia beach is a day well spent. Enough beach for almost everyone in Valencia, you will have no problem finding a spot. Either spread out your towel and catch some rays, or hire a couple of sun beds and get comfortable.

Santa Cruz- California
Santa Cruz has something for everyone. With the historical amusement park on the broad walk, complete with the old Big Dipper; Surf Spots for the egger big wave surfer; Off-leash dog beaches for all the dog lovers; or you can sit and watch the pelicans dive for food. Santa Cruz makes you feel like a character in your own movie. A definite spot to sit and take in its charms and quirks.

Sydney- Australia
Australia is well know for its beautiful beaches in its every corner, though one city that has ever-growing popularity is Sydney. The Capital of New South Wales continues to draw visitors in with the picturesque beaches, the warm weather, the waves, and the boys in blue protecting the shores of Bondi Beach may be helping too.

Barcelona- Spain
4.2km of sandy beaches to play with, though in the summer time it seems this just isn't enough. Barcelona at anytime of the year is quite busy, though through summer the seaside is more lively and busy then the Autobahn in Germany. If traveling in Summer, once you have your spot, be sure to be in for the long hall. There are many locals walking around selling coconuts and cold beverages so a whole day in the busy paradise is easy done.

Tel Aviv- Israel
The temperatures are hot in Tel Aviv so hitting the water will be a must, but be sure to steer clear of the jellyfish. You’ll come across many people in next to nothing, but usually looking very fashionable. After a nice cool off in the water, find one of the many men walking around with ice creams and popsicles to hit that sweet spot.

Tangier- Morocco
Where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic you’ll discover there is more to do then work on your tan. Take a stroll along the sand or let a camel do all the work for you. This relaxed city is enticing and after a day on its beautiful beaches, treat yourself to some of its fine seafood.

Palawam- Philippines
It hard to choose just one of the many beautiful beaches that the Philippines has to offer, but Palawan has to top the cake. No photo could not do these beaches justice. Whilst relaxing in this postcard location, watch the locals ferrying between the villages or explore some of the jungle surroundings. The scenery will take your breathe away.

Brighton- England
Only an hour away from the fast-paced London City and your in the Beautiful Seaside town of Brighton. Still with all the perks of the big city, such as classy restaurants and bars and clubs, Brighton is relaxed and offers nothing but a good time. The heat may not be the main reason for getting in the water most of the year, but the clear aqua water will be.   

The top 10 Cities in the World for 2013...

Thursday 13 December 2012 | By Tahnee Wherritt |

AmsterdamThis picturesque city is the largest of all cities in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is Vibrant and well known for its diversity. This amazing city mazed with beautiful canals offers an exciting nightlife, festivals all year round, as well as world famous museums and historical sights. The perfect place to unwind, ride a bike, dine on pancakes and enjoy the cobbled canal-side walkways.

For more Information on Amsterdam >> 

San FranciscoSan francisco is located on the West Coast of the United States and is renowned for its cool summers. There is plenty to see and do in this amazing city - Firstly check out the museums, parks and beaches, but secondly, don’t forget the famous landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island and its former prison, as well as China town.

For more information on San Francisco >>

LondonLondon is full of endless landmarks, history and beautiful, well kept parks. There is no shortage of markets, street restaurants and diverse nightlife. London is excitingly noisy, distinctively multicultural and boasts the perfect contrast of a city which remains rich in history whilst promoting innovation and forward movement. The frantic energy within the city is endless, it captures you and is kind enough to take you along for the ride.

For more information on London >>

HamburgHamburg is known as Germany’s Gateway to the the world, this is due to it having the country’s biggest port and the second busiest port in Europe. When in Hamburg make sure you take a stroll around the port, walk through the city centre and around City Hall. If you’re lucky enough to be there at the right time, and you’re able to keep your eyes open, check out ‘Night of Museums’, in which over 50 museums take part to keep the history and culture on-show until 2am. In addition, Hamburg is currently hot on the heels of Berlin as the European capitol of cool, we recommend you jump on the bandwagon ahead of the cool crowd and beat them to the punch!

For more information on Hamburg >> 


Copenhagen is the perfect mixture of fairy tales, modern day living, smooth jazz and hard bass. It’s hard for the city to be considered a holiday destination alone, and is rather a place of constant discovery. There’s much to see and do in Copenhagen, from day trips to the beach and amusement parks, plus you can also take part in their varied event calendar, including the Copenhagen Jazzfestival, Copenhagen Pride, Night of Culture and the MIX Copenhagen Film Festival. The splendour of this jam packed city is complimented by its intimate surrounds and offers a taste of everything and something for everyone.

For more information on Copenhagen >>

BarcelonaInfamous for partying, it’s likely that Barcelona is atop many other ‘best-of’ party lists, but as a city, we have found it offers visitors with so much more. There’s an abundance of outdoor markets, street entertainment and fiesta’s, shopping, museums, churches and outstanding architecture. At every turn, visitors can marvel at monuments, gardens and buildings, with each telling the historical tale of the city. An ideal place to simply wander, get lost, be amazed and find new wonders with each and every new day. With great food to be found in secluded lane-ways and salty fresh seafood paella by the beach, Barcelona has it all... and then some!

For more information on Barcelona >> 

Hobart Tasmania’s capital city may be the smallest capital city in Australia but it’s rich in natural beauty and amazing landscapes. Hobart is home to the majestic Mount Wellington, many wineries and vineyards, as well as the Cadbury’s Chocolate Factory. A nice way to end your day of activities is to head out on a boat cruise or to enjoy the live music, great atmosphere and delicious food on offer at one of the many local pubs or bars.

For more information on Hobart >> 

Seoul Seoul is South Korea’s Largest city and blends just the right amount of ancient traditions with cutting edge digital technology. There are many breath-taking Buddhist temples, endless street vendors, extraordinary architecture, markets and shrines. Seoul is known for its dynamic trend-setting and non-conformist style, as well as their many activities, including adventure sports, amusement parks and beautiful mountain climbs.

For more information on Seoul >> 

Mexico CityDowntown Mexico City is an urban area filled with Historical buildings and landmarks. Mexico City has also been known as the City of Palaces, due to the large number of stately buildings. Mexico city boats the largest museums in the world, ensuring there’s plenty of history and culture to soak up on your visit.

For more information on Mexico City >> 

Christchurch Christchurch is filled with buildings that show its English Heritage, especially along the Worcester Boulevard. The city is better known as the Garden City, which is well deserved when you see the trees that grow as if in a forest all around the city. After sitting around the Botanical gardens head to the Christchurch art Gallery, pick up some snacks from the farmers markets and get involved in a creative workshop, before ending your evening with a dabble at the Casino.

For more information on Christchurch >> 

Bucket list Makers...Riding a Camel

Monday 26 November 2012 | By Tahnee Wherritt |

Camels it seems are quite a misunderstood animal, but have been present in Australia’s history since 1860. They were brought here as part of the Bourke and Wills expedition. There are many places in Australia where camel riding has become very popular. From climbing on a camel at dawn and watching the sun rise along Cable beach in Broome, to taking in the sunset in Port Macquarie. Camel riding is a box ticker for all ages and one which should be on everyone’s list.

To discover your closest camel riding location, follow the links below >>
Camel Safari’s- Port Macqaurie
Australian Camel
Camels in Coffs Harbour
The Camel Company

Start planning next years trip- 2013 top 10 countries

Tuesday 13 November 2012 | By Tahnee Wherritt |

1. Sri Lanka:Sri Lanka has so much to offer in the way of heritage, culture, pristine views and festivities. This small, tropical and warm island in the Indian Ocean is a must-visit for 2013. Every year in mid April, Sri Lankan's celebrate the Sinhalese and Hindu new year festivals, as well as a symbolic Buddhist festival in August. The festivals consist of cultural dances, decorated elephants, fire and whip-dances, as well as various other cultural celebrations.

Find out more about travel in Sri Lanka >>

2. MontenegroIn terms of size, Montenegro is a small Country but it is filled with overwhelming beauty. It has amazing walled towns; well preserved historic monuments; the second largest canyon in the world and a coast that is just as good, if not better than its well known neighbor Croatia. Montenegro is filled with so much natural beauty that you could get lost for days within its mountainous landscapes or down at the popular glacier lake, Black Lake.

Find out more about travel in Montenegro>>

3. South KoreaOne of South Koreas most popular destinations is its capital Seoul. Seoul has many famous sites including the Seoul Tower and even a Teddy Bear Museum. During mid July also check out the city of Boryeong in Chunchungnam-do where they host a Mud Festival with an abundance of cultural insights. In your spare time South Korea is a great Country for hiking and trekking or learning some famous martial arts like Taekwondo.

Find out what to do in South Korea >>

4. EcuadorEcuador is a small and diverse South American gem. In this amazing country you can come across volcanoes, pacific beaches, blue lakes, greener than green valleys and even the Amazon. The country is well known for its adventure sports such as hiking, horse riding, biking, kayaking and snorkeling. Whilst walking through the many markets and colonial towns it’s evident that the Ecuadorians live a relaxed way of life. They adopt a slower pace, they’re friendly and more than happy to take the time for a chat with a stranger; perhaps in some part, their positive outlook is due to the beautiful plant life and amazing array of native birds which surround them.

Find out more about Ecuador >>

5. Slovakia

Located in Central Europe, Slovakia is a small country with a great and vivid history, as well as an ideal destination for relaxation. The country is filled with well marked hiking tracks, some of which leading to mineral and thermal springs. The country has 9 national parks for you to go and explore, with their castles and chateaux’s another must-see for visitors. For an adventurous and off the beaten track holiday, Slovakia is your answer.

Find out more about Slovakia >>

6. Solomon IslandsThis Island Nation is made up of over 1,000 islands which are separated into 9 main island groups. Situated in the South West of the Pacific Ocean, the Solomon Islands are very humid all year round with the slightly cooler months being June through August. The Solomon Islands are filled with cultural beauty, something which must be taken advantage of on your visit here. Whilst on one of their many islands, try and get hands-on with some of the cultural activities, which are undertaken on a daily basis by the island’s natives. The locals are very friendly and by getting an insight into their way of life your experience will only be even more enriched.

Find out more about Solomon Islands >>

7. IcelandDespite the misleading name, Iceland is generally quite a warm place. Full of plenty of natural beauty, Iceland is absolutely stunning. During the month of June you can soak up as much of this beauty as you like as the sun barely sets, and night fall never really hits. There are plenty of activities to keep you entertained on those long and seemingly endless days, why not try hiking or ice climbing on glaciers, whale watching or visiting the Blue Lagoon, a famous geothermal spa.

Find more about Iceland >>

8. TurkeyTurkey has beautiful beaches, and more history and culture than you could imagine. Turkey is the perfect place to explore and get lost in old ancient ruins and architectural heritage. Turkey is more then 3 times the size of the United Kingdom, so if you do venture to this amazing country be sure to spare plenty of time to make it to all of the notable landmarks, including Gallipoli Cove.

Find out more about Traveling Turkey >>

9. Dominican RepublicDominican Republic is a Caribbean country with warm weather almost all year round. Though a lot of the country consists of rugged highlands and deep valleys, the real beauty is in all its little perks and pleasures. For example, the supremely tasty food which is served in unique outdoor restaurants (ideal for people watching), and also turn into lively venues of an evening; another pleasure, try indulging in the great and inexpensive shopping at the countries capital Santo Domingo; and of course the picturesque beaches, clear water and many beautiful national parks which have made the Caribbean so very famous.

Find out more about Dominican Republic >>

10. MadagascarMadagascar is a very unique island country situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Due to it being so isolated, Madagascar has been found to contain a mix of plants and animals which you can’t find anywhere else in the world. To see some of these rare sights, a visit to Madagascar’s largest reserve, Tsingy de Bemaraha which is a UNESCO heritage site, is a must. While you’re there you should also experience the kayaking, windsurfing and even the deep sea fishing on offer. BUT - Make sure you pick the right time of year to visit or you could be stuck with some serious and heavy rain.

Find out more about Madagascar >>

Ideas for School holidays...

Monday 29 October 2012 | By Tahnee Wherritt |

There are many parents that are at a loss for ideas and activities for their kids to do over the school holidays. Coming up with different and exciting plans for what might seem to parents to be an eternity, can be both daunting and difficult. We have put together a few ideas to get them moving and to keep them entertained and learning! School might be out for summer but that doesn’t mean they can’t take the opportunity to learn some new skills.

Surf Lessons-
A day in the salt water is a day well spent. Learning to surf is not only a fun form of exercise, but statistics have shown that up to 70% of Australian Children can’t stay afloat in the water. Challenge your kids to learn this vital and important skill, but in a fun and active way. Check out your local Surf Schools and get the kids into the ocean for some supervised, beachside learning. And as always, don’t forget to slip, slop, slap and slide when hitting the waves this Summer holidays!

Arts and Crafts-
Arts and Crafts is a great activity for a rainy day. It allows kids to explore ideas and concepts and use their imagination to create something of their very own. There are bundles of arts and crafts centers around Australia and as an another great and free alternative, why not check out your local Bunnings Warehouse for their arts and crafts classes on the weekends. Embrace your child’s sense of imagination, encourage some creativity and watch them engage their inventive skills.

Local Markets-
All around Australia there are a variety of markets for you to choose from and enjoy. From your Farmers Markets, Craft Markets, Boutique Markets and Vintage Fairs; markets provide a great day out for a the whole family. Spend the day; find some trinkets; listen to live music and sample some great food.  

For information on markets and fairs all over Australia, click here >>
Or for Craft Markets in your area, click here >> 

Theme Parks- 
Queensland is lucky enough to be home to many Theme parks. In summer you can’t go past a great day at Wet n’ Wild. There are slides for all ages; a wave pool; a relaxing floating beach for those who want to unwind, and of course a very exciting kids area featuring a pirate ship. If Wet n’ Wild isn’t up your alley, why not try something a little more adventurous and ‘scary’? For a heap of high thrill rides and park entertainment, check out Warner Brothers Movie World or step it up yet another notch and head to Dreamworld for the most exhilarating of all thrill rides!

You can find details of all available Theme Parks here > >

Help the Environment- 
Teaching your Children the importance of looking after our environment is a very rewarding experience. Letting them know that we all have a responsibility to care for our Earth can be a hands-on learning experience that is entertaining, stimulating and educational. Getting your child involved in Earth Day, Clean Up Australia Day or even Save a Frog. All are exciting and fun ways to teach your children that we all play our part in keeping our environment beautiful.

To Save the Frogs, Click Here >>
For Earth Day crafts, Click Here >>
To help Clean up Australia, Click Here >>
For Earth Watch, Click Here >> 


Thinking of Summer Holiday Ideas? Well, maybe your fun-loving pooch is too...

Friday 5 October 2012 | By Tahnee Wherritt |

It’s not unusual for families to head to the beach for their Summer holiday, however a recent trend sees the family’s four-legged friend now accompanying the trip too. Dog Surfing is making waves the world over, with dog lovers opting to lose the leash and hit the beach.

The international trend only seems to be gaining fans and followers, with Huntington Dog Beach in California hosting the annual Surf City Dog Competition and Surf Dog Australia doing some positive promoting on their very own facebook page.

So if you’re looking to try something new this Summer, head to your favourite beach destination, pack the pooch and get the whole family involved in what’s sure to be some very entertaining surf sessions.

Though you may not see your tail-wagger carving it out on the face of a 6ft wave or doing anything too ‘gnarly’, it’s a great day out for the family and an entertaining addition to any Summer holiday.

For more information...
Check out ‘Doggo’ for dog friendly beaches and parks all over Australia.
Hit Surf Dog Australia’s Facebook page to see other surfer dogs and get your Surf dog supplies. 


Rest Up, Travel Well.

Thursday 8 December 2011 | By Maria Boskovski |

With travel plans - long lists of things to do, feelings of excitement and even large amounts of stress tend to follow. This can make it particularly difficult to keep yourself well rested and feeling fresh from the get-go! But without a good rest and lots of energy, you’ll likely reduce the quality of your experience. Here’s a few tips to help you rest up and keep you buzzing so that you can make the most of your trip!

Be ready a day early
Before leaving, you’ll probably have a bunch of things you need to have completed. From packing your suitcase, to finalising office tasks and organising your pets for when you’re away, the list is long and will have you on your toes. Set yourself a deadline to have everything you need completed two nights before you leave - and stick by it! Cross completed tasks off your list. The extra day will allow you enough time to deal with anything that didn’t quite go to plan and any last minute tasks. And of course, the day before you leave is yours to use for rest. Get lots of sleep and see a friend for lunch. Resting up and enjoying this day is crucial to setting the tone of your trip, and should be treated like a crucial task, too.

Travel comfortably
Particularly for long flights, wear clothes as loose and as comfortable as your own pajamas. Getting sleep on a plane is tricky enough as it is, but wearing jeans wont do you any favours! Taking an extra pair of socks and a shawl on board are a good idea, too. If the air-con gets a bit too much, you can slip on your socks. The shawl gives you the option of using it as a wrap-around, pillow or blanket. And if you don’t mind the extra weight, horseshoe shaped pillows are a great accessory for neck support, too!

Pack some snacks
Advising the flight attendant not to wake you during meal time is a good idea. Try and get as much uninterrupted sleep as possible. They will most likely serve you your tray after you wake up. Pack some dried fruit, mixed nuts or other nutritious snacks so that you can have something to eat any time you feel like it. Also, drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. Better yet, drink water every time it’s offered to you!

Adjust your watch
Slipping into the timeframe of your destination as early as possible will allow you to adapt to your new routine. Adjusting your watch to he local time of your destination as soon as you get on board obviously wont give you the instant ability to switch your body-clock over - however, the earlier you start adapting, the better.

Pick your own room
When booking accommodation, particularly hotel accommodation in any city, specify that you do not want your room facing the busy thoroughfares. Not only are you more likely to get a good nights sleep, but you’ll more likely enjoy a better view! If you’re a really light sleeper, take a pair of ear plugs just incase.

Happy holiday!

Things to Know Before You Go

Monday 28 November 2011 | By Maria Boskovski |

Here's 14 things that you should know to avoid problems and maximise your time abroad:

  1. Print your entire itinerary and flight tickets/confirmations and store these with your passports. Try to avoid relying on Internet access.
  2. Always be patient and polite. The person you’re speaking to could be the difference between getting a flight that night or having to spend it at the airport.
  3. Do your research. Destinations like Thailand and India often offer accommodation and food at half the price in off-season, with little change in weather.
  4. Have local currency when you arrive (preferably small denominations). Exchanging money at the airport when you land is generally expensive. If you do have to exchange at the airport, shop around if possible. The first one you encounter is likely to be the most expensive.
  5. Sit at a bar and strike up a conversation with the bartender. They usually know a lot about the town, have lots of great tips and might introduce you to some locals.
  6. Understand that you never have time to see EVERYTHING, and be okay with it. By seeing less, you’re often experiencing a whole lot more.
  7. You’ll never regret learning at least some basic expressions of the language. If possible, sign up to a language course when you arrive. It’s usually a great place to meet other travellers, too.
  8. If you’re on a long bus trip and there’s a break, make sure you keep an eye on the driver – when he/she gets back on the bus, it’s most likely time to leave.
  9. Don’t keep all your cards and cash together. In the unfortunate incident of having something stolen, this will help you avoid losing both.
  10. Keep a “promise book” with you (even if it’s just the back of your travel journal). Use this to help you keep the promises you make to the people you meet on the road (e.g. sending the photo you took of them). Be good to your word.
  11. Take every opportunity you can to plug your electronics in and keep those batteries charged.
  12. Know well in advance the visa requirements for all your destinations. Some can take weeks to obtain.
  13. Bring a sarong with you. It’s light and can be used for so many things, like covering yourself in holy places, as a towel and as a beach/park blanket.
  14. Bring ziplock bags. They‘re great for holding things together, storing damp or dirty clothes, as well as potentially messy items like suncream and moisturising lotion.

Make the Family Holiday Memorable For Your Child

Thursday 3 November 2011 | By Maria Boskovski |

Younger children in particular aren't likely to recognise and remember significant family moments. Here’s a list of tips and activities to make your family holiday memorable for them, as well as memorable (and peaceful) for yourself.

Works a ‘treat’
Particularly for lengthy flights and car rides, children may get restless and tired. Keep them entertained by packing a small bag of affordable toys of different sorts (appropriate to their age). Each half hour to an hour, present them with a new toy. It’s likely to keep them amused and well-behaved. Don’t forget to pack some snacks, too.

Rested, not restless
If you’re travelling by car, try to take a 20 minute pause every two hours. Look out for parks and rest stops. A change of scenery will be nice and refreshing, and it’s important to stretch when sitting for long periods of time.

Disposable cameras
Buy an inexpensive disposable camera for your child to carry around during the holiday. When you get home you can create a memory book from your child’s perspective. They make lovely keepsakes!

Postcard stories
Buy a postcard or two for your child at each destination. Writing stories or moments on the back of postcards will help them remember their holiday. Get them to include the date and place names too. You can punch a hole in the bottom corner of each postcard and place them on a key ring, for a fun way to document their trip.

Get them involved
Go through your holiday plans with your child or children before you leave. Show them travel brochures or photos in books or on the internet. As you make your way there, point out buildings, parks and places. Share your excitement with them.

Travelling With Kids

Wednesday 7 April 2010 | By Ros Bulat |

A new experience for you and for them

Just because you have a child (or even a few of them) that doesn’t mean that you and your family are obligated to stay home during the holidays. It also doesn’t mean it can’t be a lot of fun.


The first thing to consider is, what destination. The same destinations you enjoyed as a couple may not be what will fit now you are a family. Perhaps a driving holiday in New Zealand with a 12 and 14 year old in a car might not be ideal for your family!

Remember it’s the kid’s holiday as well. What will they enjoy? Depending on the age perhaps a resort or product where a kids club is available. This way you can all have your own fun. Get the kids involved in making the decision and perhaps a project or homework on the destination for fun. 


Selecting an Airline can also be important. Try and avoid flights that have too many stops when you have a better schedule available. “Are we there yet” can wear very thin after a few hours! If you have the choice, select an Airline with inflight entertainment systems. Many Airlines now have computer games and individual movie screens at each seat. This is a real winner with the kids, hours of entertainment.  And don’t forget a few inflight snacks, not all airlines have these so plan ahead and take some of the kids favourites.

There’s work to be done to make sure those hours on the flight pass as well as they can. When booking enquiry regarding special meals. Not only do the Airlines offer many dietary required meals, they also offer kids meals. The first benefit to this is that the kids will get food they might actually eat but more importantly they get fed first. So you can focus on them getting fed before you get your meal. A childs meal is not automatic, they must be requested. If you have an infant many airlines also have special packs onboard, these need to be requested also. They include things like nappies, formular etc.  


Pack as light as you can. Take only what you need. If the kids are big enough to carry (pull along these days) their own luggage, ensure the bag is the right size for them. Or as an alternative perhaps two people need to share one suitcase if it is larger. The less bags you have the better if you intend to catch taxis or hire cars. If you are going to a great shopping destination don’t forget the old trick of packing a smaller suitcase full of your clothes inside a larger empty one. This way you have two cases to bring home with all that shopping.

Before You Go
It may be an idea to see your doctor before traveling, not only to check the health requirements for the destination you have chosen but to ensure your travel medical kit is stocked. Your doctor can suggest some basic medical supplies that will help you out in some common situations. 

Your Stay

At your destination plan ahead and have your transfer and hotel booked. The last thing you will want to do on arrival is be looking for these services. If you have a small child ask regarding child restraints for transfers and cars, in many countries they are not common.

Many hotels in the world only cater for a maximum of 3 in a room, often this is a fire regulation of the country. So if Apartments are not an option, two rooms may be required. Don’t forget to ensure your Travel Agent requests interconnecting rooms. This is never guaranteed, but don’t assume that the hotel will room you next door. Often computer systems automatically do the room allocation and it doesn’t take note of the kids ages.

What a great experience for the kids to travel to a different country and perhaps a different culture. Give them some local currency and explain how much it is equal to in Australian Dollars. If you are in a culture where bargaining is expected you will find they pick this up quickly. A 10 year old will be an expert come the end of the first day. In fact they will probably be a better negotiator than Mum and Dad. And what a story they will have to tell back at school.

Food in foreign countries comes down to common sense. Don’t let them eat out of food carts! Drink bottled water (even in populated cities) and keep the diet as similar as they have at home. Often when people get sick it’s not because they have eaten bad food its just very different to what they would eat at home. IE If you don’t eat spicy food at home, try and avoid it on holidays.

With all that said, get the kids looking at the world globe head to your local agent or call World Travel Professionals for some great family holiday suggestions.

Prague, A Unique Destination For All

Wednesday 26 August 2009 | By Ros Bulat |

Prague is a living fairy tale

Cobbled streets, amongst its ornate buildings and shop windows aglow with glistening crystals.

It's amazing what just a couple of decades of freedom can do. Prague has always been beautiful and historic. Now it's fun, too. No other place in Europe has become so popular, so quickly. And for good reason: Prague has something on offer for everyone!

For the Family

Prague ZOO is said to be one of the best in Europe and could easily keep your kids busy for one entire day. One of the most appreciated pavilions is the Indonesian Jungle and the Monkey Island where you can gaze on the jungle flora and fauna and practically play with the cute Lemurs. Another place that your kids will love is the Children’s ZOO, a specially built farm where the kids can enter some enclosures and play with many of the animals.

While in Australia we do have an amazing, natural water wonderland, at Prague’s Seaworld they have done a wonderful job in combining nature with man’s amazing technological feets. The 1,000 square meters and 75 tonnes of specially adjusted ocean water, in which live a huge number of coloured sea and ocean fish and corals, will wow any water lover.

Situated in the Old Count’s Chambers of Prague Castle, the Prague Toy Museum is said to be the second largest museum of its kind in the world. In the seven exhibition rooms are toys collected from all over the world, starting from the ancient Greek times through to the modern phenomenon that is “Barbie!”

Spekbl and his son Hurvinek are two Czech legendary marionettes that have been amusing children in over 30 countries since the 1920s. Performances are available at the Marionette Theatre for children to enjoy.

For the Shakers and Movers

Prague's is filled with a lively music scene and back street surprises, such as the Lennon Wall on Kampa Island, splashed with "all you need is love" and "imagine" graffiti, honour the beloved singer-songwriter. This is matched with an abundant restaurant choice, including the only Michelin Star Restaurant in Eastern Europe, Allegro.

For the Rest of Us

Prague was the only Central European capital to escape the bombs of the last century's wars — it is one of Europe's best-preserved cities. It's filled with sumptuous Art Nouveau facades, offers tons of Mozart and Vivaldi performances and very reasonable prices and brews the best beer in Europe.

Prague Castle is certainly a special attraction. Set like a small town within its own city walls, it is the largest ancient castle in the world (570m long and on average 128m wide). Prague Castle has been the ruling seat of many Czech Kings, Holy Roman Emperors and of more recent times, Presidents of the Czech Republic. No wonder it is the most visited site in Prague.

Wenceslas Square, named for the "good king" of Christmas-carol fame, is the lively heart of modern Prague. St. Wenceslas, who was the wise and benevolent 10th-century duke of Bohemia, presides over the square on horseback. The square (actually more of a broad boulevard) is a stage for modern Czech history: The Czechoslovak state was proclaimed here in 1918. In 1968, the Soviets put down huge popular demonstrations here (you can still see patches covering bullet holes on the columns of the National Museum). And 20 years later, in November 1989, hundreds of thousands of ecstatic Czechs gathered here to celebrate the imminent freedom of the Republic of Czechoslovakia. Not far from the square is the Museum of Communism, ironically nestled between a McDonald's and casino. The museum is a hodgepodge of artifacts from the Czech Republic's 40-year stint with Soviet economics.

Prague's focal point is the Old Town Square, a market square since the 11th century. Today the old-time market stalls have been replaced by cafés, touristy horse buggies and souvenir hawkers, but the square is still beautiful. Facing the square is the towering 14th-century Tyn Church, with its fanciful spires flanking a solid gold effigy of the Virgin Mary. The pointed 250-foot spire rising from the square marks the 14th-century Old Town Hall, famous for its astronomical clock.

Karlova Street, winds through medieval old Prague to the much-loved Charles Bridge. The glorious, statue-bedecked bridge, commissioned by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV in 1357, is lined with market stalls and street musicians, offering a pleasant and entertaining stroll.

For more information on any of the areas featured in this blog, contact World Travel Professionals to speak with one of our consultants. We encourage and welcome all user comments and aim to use our blog to interact with our interested readers!      

A Golfing Holiday, But, One for the Whole Family

Tuesday 4 August 2009 | By Ros Bulat |

One of you is golf mad and the other… not so much.

In fact, one of you, not mentioning which one, couldn’t tell the difference between a 9-iron and a waffle iron. Sound familiar?

Makes planning nearly every holiday a potential battleground.
Why not pick a destination that can cater for all the family?

Almost every resort these days offers access to golf: if not right on-property, then through some convenient arrangement with a nearby course. Some resorts make extra effort to get families golfing together. Within Australia, we have an abundance of amazing Golf Courses, many with extensive resort facilities for the whole family and many just a short distance from home.

Novotel Twin Waters

Built around a private lagoon, Novotel Twin Waters is a tranquil retreat on the Sunshine Coast with activities to suit every member of the family. While the kids are being cared for and entertained at the kids' club, parents can be pampered at the over-water day spa or play a round of golf at the nearby links. 

Dunk Island

Dunk Island, a jewel off the north Queensland coast, is arguably Australia's most beautiful tropical island. Rainforest tumbles onto a white sand beach, while blue butterflies flit in dappled light; meanwhile, the whole family is having a ball, playing golf, riding horses along the beach, or relaxing in the spa. The kids' club provides activities all day long.

Planning on travelling abroad?

In the past some may have considered Hawaii a great place to stop on the way to your destination. Not now! Between the sightseeing, the beach and the shopping, make sure you tee off early to fit it all in. Hawaii is a destination for the whole family. In particular the outer Island of Maui and Kauai, as they are more relaxed than the main Island.

Las Vegas… luckily is open 24 hours! You can now take Las Vegas as a serious destination in its own right. Take in a show, shop till you drop and the people watching is always an eye opener as is the Natural Wonder of the Grand Canyon. Many famous movie stars travel to Las Vegas for a golf holiday to escape from their celebrity status for a few days. For example, Hollywood legends like George Clooney and Matt Damon are both golf players who have been spotted blissfully swinging their golf clubs on Las Vegas golf courses with virtual anonymity to the general public.

And let’s not forget Bali, Thailand, Fiji, New Zealand, Dubai, Ireland and so on. All are fabulous destinations with great activities for both the golfer and non-golfer. For the budding junior golfer, there are many destinations and programmes that cater for them also. 

For more information on any of the areas featured in this blog, contact World Travel Professionals to speak with one of our consultants. We encourage and welcome all user comments and aim to use our blog to interact with our interested readers!      

BULA From Fiji

Thursday 5 March 2009 | By Stephanie Harms |

Destination Denarau Island - FIJI

Upon arrival at Nadi airport we were met by Rosie Holidays. You can be sure that you are made to feel very welcome and will relax immediately. Fijians are happy, easy going and have an excellent work ethic, nothing is too much trouble. This was evident no matter if we were in a 5 star luxury hotel or just travelling through Fiji. At all times you are made very welcome and it is clear that your tourism is valued and important to the country.

Denarau island is 20 minutes outside Nadi and well worth the drive, even if you are just there for 1 or 2 nights before connecting to an island. As soon as you cross the bridge to Denarau you can immediately see the standard of the accommodation and general surroundings is much higher than Nadi. The beach here is volcanic but is mixed with manmade sand to lighten the appearance. The other islands in Fiji give you the real white sand experience.

There is a cluster of excellent 5 star properties all sharing the same beach. All of these hotels are serviced by a Bula Bus which goes from each property to the port/marina every 15 minutes and costs 6.00 Fijian Dollars. The Sheraton also offers a complimentary service between its properties. 

Radisson ResortThis has a great beach location and amazing pool area although it is built in a horse shoe shape. Strangely all the rooms face inwards away from the beach and face the pool area which has a huge waterfall/rock formation in the middle and does create quite a bit of noise. The property is good for families as it has large 2 bedded rooms.
Sheraton Fiji Resort and Sheraton VillasThis hotel has recently been refurbished and on arrival you are greeted with fresh flowers, drinks and of course a welcome song. Walking into the beautiful open lobby you know instantly that you are in a 5 star resort with high quality finishes on show everywhere. The hotel is situated right on the beach and offers a great pool area with waiter service on the beach. There are several excellent restaurants with the Flying Fish as its signature. Here you dine on top quality food and wine and have the sand under your feet (no shoe policy). The breakfast restaurant “Feast “offers a great full buffet breakfast and doubles as a more casual evening restaurant. The rooms are large, light and very contemporary. The hotel is only 2 floors high and I would say the majority have full sea view. All of the public areas are spacious contemporary and first class.

The Sheraton VillasThis area of the Sheraton Fiji resort is designed for families with high standard large 2 -3 bed apartments with good kitchen facilities and spacious lounge areas. They have their own lagoon/pool area which is both convenient and large. The children’s club is situated in the Sheraton Fiji resort which is a stroll away and of course as the amazing Fijians are organising it so the children are extremely well looked after and you hear nothing but giggles and squeals of excitement. They also offer babysitting facilities at a local charge.
Leisure facilities are excellent, 18 hole golf course, tennis, amazing spa and even lawn bowls.
The Westin ResortThis is the third hotel that is part of the Starwood property and is completely different. The ambience is predominately local flavour with thatched roofs and dark wood. The pool area is in lots of private sections with lots of greenery to give you a feel of tropical seclusion. It has a great infinity pool, swim up bar and the Heavenly Spa is situated in the Westin which services clients from all three of the Starwood hotels. In fact you can use any of the bars, restaurants, shops or leisure facilities at any of the properties and charge them back to your room. The rooms here are darker and if you want to feel you are staying in a hotel with true local flavour then a first floor room will feel lighter and the views to the beach/sea better.
Sofitel ResortThis hotel was a little disappointing, the lobby area was not impressive and the wow factor was missing. You have to go downstairs to the pool area which was lovely and had a “buzz” about it with lots of water activities; aerobics etc, but after having experienced the Sheraton it felt crowded.

SightseeingThe Bula bus will take you to Port Denarau Shopping Centre and Marina and I would recommend this above Nadi which is a little run down.

Sigatoka River SafariFor a really different experience I recommend this day trip. You travel by coach for 40 minutes and then transfer to a jet boat for a 1 hour journey along the river, passing local Fijians doing their washing in the river and the children playing and fishing. These people really live in a third world country and this is a real eye opener to the way they live. You then visit a village where you can see how they sleep, farm, worship, go to school and live their every day life. This truly is not a commercial experience as they alternate villages and each village is visited only twice a year. You then do share a local meal and drink/dance with the villages. It felt special and we felt very welcome. Then back on the speed boat with lots of twists and turns for fun on the way home. Word of warning you are expected and really cannot refuse to eat the local food and drink, so it may not suit everyone.

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Heron Island

Monday 8 December 2008 | By Stephanie Harms |

Nature at its Very Best - Heron Island

Having been lucky enough to visit Heron before, when our friends from the UK came to visit us in our new home of Australia at Christmas They asked us to recommend somewhere special.  Our first thought was immediately Heron Island.                                               

Located at the very bottom of the Great Barrier Reef Heron Island is great to travel to this time of year. After your flight to Gladstone you have the option of travelling 1.5 hours by launch or 20 minutes on the helicopter. We decided on the Helicopter transfer as the approach to Heron is one you will never forget. The views of the Great Barrier Reef are truly amazing and wet your appetite for exploring once on the island with shoals of parrot fish, rays and black tipped sharks clearly visible from the air.

Once on the island your luggage is taken to your room which you may feel are perhaps a little basic but the no locks or shoes policy that is adopted together with the ecological feel of the island soon wins you over. You immediately feel that you are not the most important thing on the island, nature is, and after all, this is what you have come to experience. Having said that I have got to say that the standard of food is really 5 star and was a wonderful surprise. Even though we are all well travelled, the seafood buffet on Saturday nights is the best we have all ever experienced anywhere. 

Our day on heron begins with a great breakfast and then you walk 2 minutes through the trees which are laden with Mutton birds and Noddy turns to the waters edge. The sand is white and the sea the most amazing turquoise, the barrier reefs coral comes so close to the shore that you can just snorkel straight from the beach. In fact John a man of some years and who is really well travelled snorkelled for 5 minutes then stood up he was only thigh high in clear water and shouted "its too much” and “I must be dreaming, I am surrounded by at least 5 rays, 10 black tips sharks and countless fish“ it wasn’t even 9 o’clock in the morning yet. We then joined a diving/snorkelling group who take you approx 20 minutes off the island to get an even better view of the amazing reef in all its glory and explore the underwater canyons and sea life.

After the most amazing 3 course lunch with snorkels in hand it is time to walk the island. It takes approximately 20  minutes to walk around and you soon find you have a beach all to yourself. Just you, on a white beach and mother nature at its best.... Wait, the best is yet to come.

At this time of year you get to experience one of lifes truly amazing experiences. Hundreds of turtles travel back to Heron this time of year to lay their eggs. In one night when we were there over 130 turtles edged their way out of the water in the dark the beach lit by the moon and stars as there is no light pollution  and up the beach they struggle they dig their hole and lay their eggs and we were privileged enough to share in this experience. The environmentalists who are permanently stationed on the island explain the age of the turtles and give you detailed information on the process.

I have got to say, our friends were not disappointed in their Australian island experience and travelled home with memories of this beautiful country that they will never forget.

For more information on any of the areas featured in this blog, contact World Travel Professionals to speak with one of our consultants. We encourage and welcome all user comments and aim to use our blog to interact with our interested readers!  

Ski Canada

Monday 3 November 2008 | By Ros Bulat |

Ski Canada – Big White

Big White is situated in British Columbia, Canada and is open from Mid November until mid April . Primarily accessible from Kelowna which is a regional centre approximately 1 ½ hours away.

A snap shot of Big White:

  • 56 km from Kelowna, BC
  • Average snowfall of 7.5m per season
  • Base elevation of 1508 M and the summit at 2318m, Village at 1755
  • 118 runs, serviced by 16 lifts over an area of 3052 hectares
  • Novice runs to Black runs
  • Restaurants, cafés and bars to suit all tastes
  • Approx 17,000 rooms on sale every night! Youth Hostels, Chalets and Condo’s
  • Most accommodations have excellent lift access
  • Plenty of off ski activities, especially for Après skiers

The resort area offers child care, full ski instructors teaching kids, beginners and experienced alike. Locals offer a FREE guided your of the mountain several times a day to orientate new comers. The fact that most of the staff on the mountain is not coincident… the resort is owned by Australians.

All in all a perfect destination for Australians!

Let’s hear from our very own client Peter Kent of Brisbane.

"I first experienced Big White in 2004/05, it was mine and my family’s first skiing experience and we had such a good time we have planned to return ever since. When we decided to go on holidays this Christmas there was no contention, we easily settled on returning to Big White.

Our holiday was coordinated with a group of over 50 Adults and kids, all friends from Brisbane. The kids were always busy. There were so many Après ski activities that after the first few days we needed to have a day off to recharge! Most did pre and post Ski arrangements, some at the Californian Theme parks and some at other ski resorts and some a warm up in Hawaii.

Both times we have been to Big White the local “Kelowna Rockets” Ice Hockey team had a home game. If you want to see a “blood sport” then Ice Hockey is for you. The locals don’t seem to be happy until they see a fight! They are in the palyoff’s this year so they all seemed to go away happy.

Overall Big White is a definite on the list for skiers. It always has great snow. The only down side is access. Kelowna can be pron to closure due to fog. When we were due to return to Australia the airport was closed for 3 days. We ended up hiring a car and driving to Vancouver (approx 4 hours) to catch the following day’s flight. All car hire, last minute Vancouver hotel and the change in flight was done with minimal hassle (to us) by our friend Ros Bulat at World Travel Professionals. Wouldn’t go travelling without her! 

We had a great time. Happy Skiing"  

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