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Top 5 family destinations to explore this Autumn 

Monday 25 April 2016
By Lachlan Nicolson |

Looking for a last minute family holiday this Autumn season?  Our World Travel leisure team us ready to help your entire family relax this season! Here are five family-friendly destinations for your travel inspiration. 

Gold Coast

With long sandy beaches, hundreds of sights and attractions, and 300 days of sunshine - the Gold Coast is a great location for a relaxing week away with the kids. There’s no need to travel overseas to experience a world-renown beach, the Gold Coast is convenient by a short drive from Brisbane or by aeroplane from most eastern Australian cities.

Many of the resorts and hotels on the Gold Coast offer beautiful beach views, a range of family friendly amenities and close access to the beach. If you love the metropolis vibes then stay at surfers Paradise, however if you’re looking to unwind and have some more space to yourselves then we recommend heading further south between Burleigh Heads and Coolangatta.

The Gold Coast features more than just beautiful beaches, there are a heap of outdoor activities and sights in the Gold Coast Hinterlands to explore, plus Australia’s best four amusement parks just a short drive away.

Family Benefits

 Close access from Brisbane region or short flight to Coolengata Airport

 Spacious beaches and accomodation designed for families in mind

 Four of the best theme parks in Australia all located here



The beautiful islands of Fiji bring together lush white sandy beaches and the friendliest locals you may ever meet. Relax on one of the many world-class resorts, across many islands to choose from. Fiji is a short and affordable international flight from most Australian eastern cities.

Fiji is well known for its coral reefs, volcanic mountains and beautiful tropical climate and nature. If you are looking for an escape from the city environment to sink you feet in white sandy beaches - then Fiji is your ideal getaway plan.

Family Benefits

 Short international direct flights and affordable fares

 Great nature and water adventures for the kids

 World class modern resorts to enjoy



In the recent 24 months Japan has soared to the top of the favourite list for Australian’s seeking an affordable adventure in Asia. Airfares to Japan are becoming more affordable as capacity and airlines expand, making it easier and more accessible for families to visit. If you travel during Australian autumn period you will experience Japan in beautiful spring, and at peak season cherry blossom season.

From shopping in Tokyo, to castles in Kyoto, Japan offers an adventure for everyone. The shopper, city-goer, nature lover and cultural admirer can all enjoy a slice of this warm and welcoming nation. Japan is a fun, safe, and a cultural adventurous destination for the whole family to enjoy.

Family Benefits

 Reduced air fare costs and more flights

 A safe destination to bring the kids, with friendly locals and strong english presence in major cities

 Great way to introduce the kids first hand to Japanese and Asian culture


Cook Islands

Just 6 hours away from Sydney via a direct flight lies the Cook Islands, a south pacific beach heaven. The Cook island hotels are family friendly, while also allowing the parents to truly relax. Pamper yourself (parents) at one of the sublime day spa’s, or treat yourself to your own modern villa for the extra level of comfort and privacy.

The weather is year-round glorious, the islands are easy to get around and the NZ currency makes it simply to convert your money. Enjoy delicious local seafood, go swimming or be entertained on the main Island Rarotonga. Scuba dive or snorkel in incredibly clear water to see turtles and colourful fish up close and personal. Walk through the island centre at night and enjoy safe and relaxing open-air vibes, restaurants and starry nights scenery. You’ll feel just at home on the Cook Islands!

Family Benefits

 Year-round sunny and warmer weather

 Plenty of outdoor beach and water activies for whole family

 New Zealand currency makes it easy to convert your cash


Los Angeles

Sunny ‘LA’ is located in the heart of California has got it all on offer. As the central hub of the film industry to America, Los Angeles is packed with sunny weather and celebrities all round. Relax in Anaheim at one of the family friendly resorts designed to accommodate the local theme parks close by. Take your kids to Disney Land, get a tour around Warner Brothers Studios or for the ultimate thrills head to Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Once you’ve tired the kids out with the theme parks, grab a car and head over to Santa Monica beach and pier. Relax at Venice Beach, explore Hollywood, head to the theatre at the Walt Disney Concert Hall or go shopping in The Grove. There’s plenty of ways for your family to create your 'LA story’.

Family Benefits

 World's best theme parks located in Anaheim

 Easily attach other locations to your trip such as Hawaii or San Francisco

 Discover Hollywood style, culture and shopping


Why you should allocate more attention to event marketing

Monday 25 April 2016
By Lachlan Nicolson |

When choosing your strategy and budget for your marketing calendar, have you ever considered running an event? Maybe your business already hosts some events, are you allocating a good amount of resources and focus for a return? Should you be investing more resources into events? The short answer is: YES, and here’s a few reasons why...

According to the Content Marketing Institutes annual report of benchmarks and trends, b2b events return a high level of effective reach, influence and income. Events are a great return on investment, with 70% of B2B marketers saying that ‘in person’ events were their top marketing strategy for effectiveness.


One of the underlining reasons events are successful is that personal communication drives valuable connections. If you are selling a product to consumers then an event is an effective way to get a hands on engagement with that product and your brand that encompasses that.

Maybe your business product is a service of other businesses? An event can allow you to engage personally with other businesses and tell your story to a captive audience more effectively than any advertisement could on the surface. Events allow current and potential clients or consumers to discover and learn about your business deeper and more intimately. This drives an emotional and personal connection, whilst also developing brand new relationships in the atmosphere of networking.

Benefits of events:

 Brand recognition. 8 out of 10 share their experience with peers.

 Create memorable experiences, where you control the atmosphere and attention of the room.

 Using technology, better track and follow up new prospects and relationships.

 Real life experiences shape our thoughts and emotions more than traditional marketing.

 Events show your audience you are passionate and ‘owning' your industry across areas of innovation, research, leadership and development.

 Events help your employees network (as our own marketing army) to your event attendees.

Thinking of your next event?

Our dedicated conference and events team are ready to help! We create powerful and effective events, along with incredible travel incentives and team building solutions. Learn more

We Made the Top Ten Best Luxury Travel Agency List!

Thursday 21 April 2016
By Industry News |

World Travel Professionals are proud to have made the top ten 'Best Luxury Travel Agency' list in the annual Gold List Awards for 2016.

Readers of Luxury Travel voted for the best luxury travel operators and destinations. Now in its 12th year, the awards recognise the ultimate in luxury travel in Australia and around the world.

Thousands of readers and Virtuoso clients took the time to vote online and we are thrilled to have placed in the list! 

We celebrated this achievement at the fabulous cocktail awards evening hosted by Luxury Travel in Sydney.