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First Class Fever: Airlines flying high

Wednesday 25 March 2015
By Lachlan Nicolson |

Major airlines this year have been eyeing the private-jet industry and re-investing into the first class premium market. The demand of a new ‘super premium’ amongst the first class flyers is high, with celebrity designers and chefs being recruited in to craft a higher level of indulgence. 

It’s a stylish race to the pointy end of the plane for major carriers across Asia and the Middle East who are revamping their business classes and turning their first class seats into suites. 

A private suite will set you back a high price and is reserved for only the elite of the first class, along with a private space within the airport lounge that separates you from the rest. You can expect a streamlined and luxury experience, from baggage handling, to checking in and even to your preference of cutlery and linen. 

Is your first class fever running at an all-time high by now? Here are the three airlines leading the way with first class suites:

Etihad Airways

Etihad are considered the leaders in their signature suite call ‘The Residence’ aboard the Airbus A380. Designed for up to two guests travelling together, the suite has been created by leading interior designers and hospitality experts for the ultimate, unique and private travel journey. This suite will set you back in the neighbourhood of around $25,000 AUD on a ‘regular’ international London to Abu Dhabi flight.


The airline has sold out bookings since the launch of the suite and aims to bring availability to more flight routes in the near future. While travelling from Australia to Abu Dhabi there is no suite available Etihad offer standard first class seats on their Boeing 777 aircraft departing from Melbourne.

Emirates Airlines

Dubai based Emirates have upgraded their entire first class into mini suites on their airbus A380 fleet. Each seat is designed with surrounding privacy and enclosure with fitted sliding doors to enjoy your personal space and unwind. Amenities include your own lighting adjustments, choice of personal drinks, entertainment, connectivity and sleep time. First class flyers also have access to personal dining when ever your feeling peckish.


Emirates has marketed is their exclusive shower and spa onboard the aircraft where first class passenger can rejuvenate and refresh with a rang of Bvlgari toiletries and Signature spa products and amenities. No flight would be complete without a luxurious onboard bar and lounge, correct? Emirates A380 aircrafts are fitted with a onboard bar and lounge where you can meet other first and business class flyers and enjoy in a range of canapés and cocktails. 

Qantas Airways

Australian’s are known travellers and Qantas has reflected the growing demand for luxurious air commute across to Asia and the US region. Qantas on select international routes have redesigned their award winning first class for an exceptional experience. Qantas have recently brought in renown chef Neil Perry to design the dining experience aboard your flight.


The qantas suite is designed for optimal privacy and a full flat transforming bed to sleep in. When you board the plane you have a choice of complimentary pyjamas to wear if your ready for bed. Because there are only 15 first class seats, storage is quiet generous for personal belongings.


Qantas first class flyers will also have access to the premium Qantas Lounges located in Australian airports and other major overseas cities.  The cost? A standard flight from Sydney to Dubai will set you back around $13500 return. 

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The Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World.

Wednesday 11 March 2015
By Tahnee Wherritt |

Our list of the top ten most beautiful cities to enjoy...

1. Bruges

A small city with big beauty. Bruges imitates what life would be like in the late middle ages. With medieval architecture and every little hidden gem is a snap shot of a fairytale. This Photogenic little city even puts the postcards to shame.


2. Florence Known as the birth place of ‘renaissance’ and the ‘Tuscan capital’, this seductive and romantic city is home to some of the greatest artistic treasures in the world. The colourful buildings and sunsets in the afternoon will have you wanting to take permit residence in this gorgeous city.


3. Paris The heart of France has a long list of beauty. The art, the culture, the food and the museums. Known as the city of light, your heart will skip a beat when you see the Eiffel tower in all its glory. You will not just visit Paris, you will in fact fall in love with this cobbled street beauty.


4. Lisbon The capital of Portugal is full of contemporary culture. The locals make you feel at home with their easy-going charm. As an all year round destination, Lisbon makes every season more beautiful then the last.


5. Venice ‘The city of water’, ‘The city of bridges’, ‘The floating city’, ‘The city of canals’. There is a never ending list of names for Venice, but one that sums it up perfectly for us.. ‘Undoubtably, the most beautiful city built by man’.


6. Prague When Mirrored off the Vltava river, you get a sense of just how beautiful and magical this city is. The vibrant city full of culture, music art and countless churches, this enchanted city is one not to be missed.


7. Rio De Janeiro Rio De Janerio offers something for everyone. From the breathtaking landscapes, to the laid back beaches. You can relax on the white sands beach or take full advantage of the nightlife, the dancing in the street and the numerous festivals all year round.


8. Amsterdam Known as the Venice of the north, this quaint little city is full of beautiful canals, parks and relaxing charm. Amsterdam has a history of non-conformism and known for its progression. Amsterdam is the perfect place for those who just want to enjoy life without the hustle and bustle.


9. Rome Rome is where you see history at it finest. With the Colosseum, The Vatican, The Pantheon, Sistine Chapel, and for all of those romantics; why not make a wish in the stunning Trevi Fountain. At every turn you can stumble across magnificent piece of history, and great food.


10. Budapest A gorgeous city with a youthful atmosphere. Budapest has a pulsating nightlife. Spending the day walking along the river, and heading to the spas, you can really take in the city’s beauty.

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