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National Travel Industry Awards Finalist Once Again

Thursday 5 May 2016
By Industry News |

The Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) has announced the list of 2016 AFTA National Travel Industry Awards (NTIA) Finalists for all 38 categories.

According to the group, a record number of 3,600 votes were made during this year’s polling period, making the competition across all categories “fierce”.

World Travel Professionals, after having won the title of 'Best Corporate Travel Agency - Multi Location 2015' has once again made it to the finalist list. 

The Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) is the peak industry body through which the business interests of travel agents are represented.

The AFTA National Travel Industry Awards is the premier industry event of the year. The prestigious awards acknowledge exceptional contributions made to the travel industry by businesses, suppliers and their employees.

World Travel Professionals would like to thank our valued suppliers for showing their support by voting for us during the nomination period! Thank you!


International Airfares at 30 Year Low

Wednesday 27 April 2016
By Lachlan Nicolson |

A few years ago, no one would believe you if you found a ticket for Brisbane to Bali for $199, or Sydney to New York for $999 return.

Now, with lower fuel surcharges, fierce competition and a drop in the Aussie Dollar, prices are becoming more affordable today than in the last thirty years, as described by travel agents.

Some of the deals these past few weeks we’ve seen have included:

  • American Airlines Sydney to New York for under $870
  • Vietnam Airlines Sydney to London for as low as $1079
  • Qantas Airlines Sydney to Hong Kong for under $700

Tristan William, Senior Aviation Analyst told the Daily Mail that prices will continue to fall.

"Ongoing competition from low-cost airlines, which will likely boost passenger numbers but weaken price, increases slowing industry revenue growth,”

The IATA also reported that worldwide, airfares fell 12 per cent last year and are expected to slide further in 2016. An ongoing slide in airfares will come from ongoing competition, mostly with low-cost carriers who are boosting passenger numbers and weakening prices.

Data from the Australian Government confirms the rise of low cost carriers. Revealing in the December 2015 report that they were up 16% from the previous year, and make up almost 18% of outbound travel. Popular low cost carriers in Australia include airlines such as Air Asia X, Jetstar Cebu Pacific and Scoot Air.

As airfares go down and the Australian average wages increase, this price relationship helps more Australian’s and their families pack their bags and capture the new opportunities to travel long-haul.

So, what’s on your bucket list for this year?

Have you ever wanted to see the Eiffel tower or the Big Apple? The time is now!

Book your holiday with our personal advisors. Leave an online enquiry to tell us where you would like to go and we’ll get you packing!

Why you should allocate more attention to event marketing

Monday 25 April 2016
By Lachlan Nicolson |

When choosing your strategy and budget for your marketing calendar, have you ever considered running an event? Maybe your business already hosts some events, are you allocating a good amount of resources and focus for a return? Should you be investing more resources into events? The short answer is: YES, and here’s a few reasons why...

According to the Content Marketing Institutes annual report of benchmarks and trends, b2b events return a high level of effective reach, influence and income. Events are a great return on investment, with 70% of B2B marketers saying that ‘in person’ events were their top marketing strategy for effectiveness.


One of the underlining reasons events are successful is that personal communication drives valuable connections. If you are selling a product to consumers then an event is an effective way to get a hands on engagement with that product and your brand that encompasses that.

Maybe your business product is a service of other businesses? An event can allow you to engage personally with other businesses and tell your story to a captive audience more effectively than any advertisement could on the surface. Events allow current and potential clients or consumers to discover and learn about your business deeper and more intimately. This drives an emotional and personal connection, whilst also developing brand new relationships in the atmosphere of networking.

Benefits of events:

 Brand recognition. 8 out of 10 share their experience with peers.

 Create memorable experiences, where you control the atmosphere and attention of the room.

 Using technology, better track and follow up new prospects and relationships.

 Real life experiences shape our thoughts and emotions more than traditional marketing.

 Events show your audience you are passionate and ‘owning' your industry across areas of innovation, research, leadership and development.

 Events help your employees network (as our own marketing army) to your event attendees.

Thinking of your next event?

Our dedicated conference and events team are ready to help! We create powerful and effective events, along with incredible travel incentives and team building solutions. Learn more