Qantas Check in, Q Card Readers, Q Bag Tags & Bag Drop Information

Wednesday 15 June 2011
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New generation check-in has launched in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, with other domestic ports to follow. Qantas Frequent Flyers should have already received their new Qantas cards and Q Bag Tags. Details can be found on

For Platinum, Gold and Silver Frequent Flyers, as well as Qantas Club members, simply touch your Qantas card on one of the Q Card Readers in the terminal to automatically check-in. Your Q Bag Tag will allow you to check in your baggage with ease when flying throughout the Qantas domestic network. It eliminates the need for a paper bag tag, allowing you to breeze through the airport.

If you do not have a Q Bag Tag at the time of travel, proceed to a Self Tagging Kiosk to print the number of bag tags you need. Once your bags are tagged you can proceed to the bag drop area.

Airport               Availability

Perth                  Available now
Sydney (T3)     Available now
Melbourne        Available now
Brisbane           Available now
Adelaide           Available now
Canberra          28 June 2011 

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